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Credits and Transcript


Participants can earn up to 9 credits under the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS): 6 ECTS credits for the academic module and additional 3 ECTS credits for the language course.

The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is a system for the recognition of academic performance. The aim is to substitute part of the studies at the home university by studies abroad, whereby the home university recognizes study and examination performance achieved in the host university.

Course descriptions contain ‘learning outcomes’ (i.e. what students are expected to know, understand and be able to do) and workload (i.e. the time students typically need to achieve these outcomes). Each learning outcome is expressed in terms of credits. One credit generally corresponds to 25-30 hours of workload.

It is important to note that granting of credit points does not entail an evaluation, but only confirms attendance of lessons and that the minimum requirements have been fulfilled.

If you need more information on the European ECTS-System, please visit the following web page of the European commission.

Requirements for the ECTS credits

In order to achieve the full amount of 9 ECTS credits you are expected to actively participate in academic course and the language course. This includes:

  • preparatory reading (see module descriptions)
  • classroom hours (can only be missed in case of sickness or urgent matters)
  • self-study and participation in official events
  • participation in the field trips and the excursion to Southern Germany

Transfer ECTS-credits into your credit system

If you do not come from Europe, you probably need to transfer ECTS into your credit point system. Please be aware that your home university reserves the right to determine the transferability of credit points. Therefore, it is advisable to meet with your academic advisor, department head, or dean's office beforehand and provide them with the course information from our web page. A decision about the recognition of the credits you will earn at ISU Darmstadt can usually be made at this point. If you need more information, please contact us directly.

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Note to American students

3 ECTS credits will likely transfer as 1 or 2 US credits.