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You can find a collection of the most frequent questions here. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us directly.

The registration deadline is June 1, 2019. If the maximal amount of participants is reached before, we cannot accept any more applications even before the deadline.

Participants can earn up to 9 university credits under the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), 6 for the seminar modules plus additional 3 for the language course.

The program includes accommodation from July 14 - August 10, 2019, a four-week study program including seminar materials, company visits and the excursion to western Germany (löschen), a German language course (including seminar materials), cultural and leisure activities as well as a ticket for public transportation within Darmstadt, and a health, accident, and liability insurance.

Yes, you can have it sent to:

Hochschule Darmstadt, University of Applied Sciences
International Office
Your Name (ISU-participant)

Haardtring 100
D-64295 Darmstadt

Before you have something mailed to you, please bear in mind that shipping to Germany from you home country could take four to ten days or even more. We advise you to ask your local post offices (or shipping companies) about the period time and the exact price of mailing. Please be aware that many items are subject to either import tariffs or customs duties or both. Most articles intended for personal use during your studies can be imported duty free. Labelling must be clear.



On campus and in the hotel there is a free WiFi available.

You can find a number of laundromats in the city. We will show you the closest ones if necessary. You may also ask at the hotel´s reception, if they could recommend a laundry service nearby.

You should check if your electrical devices are suitable to the German standard (220 Volt). If you need an adapter or transformer you should buy it before you come to Germany.

ISU takes out a health, accident, and liability insurance for all participants and we will accommodate you to a doctor if you are not well.

Please provide an emergency address for us in your registration form, so that we can inform your family if something serious might happen.

Yes, of course, you may wish to arrive early in Darmstadt. However, we cannot provide you with accommodation in that case. The official arrival date is July 14, 2019. If you arrive before that date you will have to arrange for accommodation yourself.

Hochschule Darmstadt has subscribed to the “National Code of Conduct for German Universities Regarding International Students” of the German Rector`s Conference and has committed itself to its fulfillment. You can find information on the HRK Code of Conduct here

ISU students are expected to actively participate in all official Hessen:ISU events and contribute to a cooperative and tolerant atmosphere in and outside of the classroom. In case of misbehaviour, the organisers of the ISU Darmstadt reserve themselves the right to dismiss a participant from the the programme. Misbehaviour constitutes e.g. physical attacks and verbal insults on other participants, staff, or other third persons, drug abuse, excessive alcohol abuse, destruction of the property of Hochschule Darmstadt. The dismissal of a participant from the course is solely at the discretion of the organisers. Should a person be dismissed from the programme, no fees will be refunded to him / her.

Everyone who is interested in Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Energy Management (Business), or related disciplines and is above the age of 18 can apply for ISU Darmstadt. A background in the respective field or related disciplines is expected.

ISU students can bring a spouse or a child to Darmstadt; however we cannot guarantee that adequate provisions can be made. If you have any request for child-care, please let us know well in advance (at least 2 months prior to the starting date) so that we can try to accommodate you.

If you have any physical impairments, nutritional or other dietary restrictions, please let us know well in advance (at least 2 months prior to the starting date) so that we can try to accommodate you.


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