Academic Program

The prospects of an energy system and a whole economy relying solely on renewable energy is the topic of the 2022 Hessen International Summer University "In Transition to a Pure Green Energy Economy."

The Hessen International Summer University Darmstadt is an interdisciplinary program, bringing together technical and business perspectives. It thereby focuses especially on three challenges on the way towards a green energy economy:

1. Transforming supply: Technology as the driver for real competitive renewable energies
2. Transforming demand: Smart homes and smart cars for smart people
3. Transforming business: Strategic impacts for business models

Learning Objectives

1)   A pure green energy economy

  • Driving forces, ingredients and status quo
  • International and national political aims
  • Technological and economical transition pathways

2)  Transforming supply

  • Competitiveness of renewable energies and regimes of promoting them
  • Potentials for different renewable technologies
  • Challenges of an ever-increasing share of renewables for the energy system

3)   Transforming demand

  • Flexibilities of different consumer groups and demand side management as business case
  • Smart grids, meters and devices: Redesigning the electric infrastructure
  • Electric mobility as changing factor for the energy industry

4)   Transforming business

  • New players, new roles, new business models in the power industry
  • The future of gas in a pure green energy economy
  • The “prosumer” as new ideal of the energy system of the future?

Planned academic excursions

  • EUREF-Campus, Berlin: A real-world ‘laboratory’ for the energy revolution with over 150 companies and startups working on the campus area with its own, innovative and CO2-neutral energy concept
  • Siemensstadt, Berlin: Berlin's district of the future
  • German Parliament: Discussion about green energy with the member of parliament for the city of Darmstadt
  • Car manufacturer: e-mobility
  • BASF: One of the globally leading chemical companies
  • Fraport, Frankfurt: German transport company which operates Frankfurt Airport

More information can be found in the module description.