Academic Program

In Transition to a Pure Green Energy Economy

The prospects of an energy system and a whole economy relying solely on renewable energy is the topic of the module „In Transition to a Pure Green Energy Economy.” It brings together technical and business perspectives and focuses especially on three challenges on the way towards a green energy economy: 
1. Transforming supply: Technology as driver for real competitive renewable energies. 
2. Transforming demand: Smart homes and smart cars for smart people. 
3. Transforming business: Strategic impacts for business models. 

Learning Objectives:

A pure green energy economy 

  • Driving forces, ingredients and status quo
  • International and national political aims
  • Technological and economical transition pathways 

Transforming supply

  • Competitiveness of renewable energies and regimes of promoting them
  • Potentials for different renewable technologies
  • Challenges of an ever-increasing share of renewables for the energy system

Transforming demand

  • Flexibilities of different consumer groups and demand side management as business case
  • Smart grids, meters and devices: Redesigning the electric infrastructure
  • Electric mobility as changing factor for the energy industry

Transforming business

  • New players, new roles, new business models in the power industry
  • The future of gas in a pure green energy economy
  • The “prosumer” as new ideal of the energy system of the future?

Academic excursions (subject to change)

  • EUREF-Campus, Berlin: A real-world ‘laboratory’ for the energy revolution with over 150 companies and startups working on the campus area with its own, innovative and CO2-neutral energy concept
  • German Parliament, Berlin: Discussion about green energy with the member of parliament for the city of Darmstadt
  • BDEW, Berlin: Federal Association of the Energy and Water Industry
  • GreenTech Festival, Berlin: conference and exhibition on the topic of sustainable business ideas, products and strategies
  • Merck, Darmstadt: One of the globally leading pharmaceutical companies 
  • Lufthansa, Frankfurt: German airline
  • Deutsche Bahn: German Railway 

More information can be found in the module description.


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