Eine Gruppe internationaler Studierender posiert für ein Gruppenbild. Im Hintergrund sind Heliumballons mit der Aufschrift ISU23 zu sehen.


"The summer school experience was absolutely incredible and unforgettable. The courses were engaging, the cultural activities were enriching, and the sense of community was remarkable. It was a great journey, that I will remember forever. Highly recommended!"
Nini G., Georgia, ISU 2023

"My experience in the program was extremely good. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of the industry  & gave me so much insight into my career options and personal development. I cannot stress enough how much I loved this program."
Johnny K., USA, ISU 2023

"This summer course is an unforgettable experience you have to try. Everybody is so kind and helpful. The course is well-structured and you can learn a lot in only one month; but not only that you make friends for life from all around the world."
Erika G., Mexico, ISU 2023

"Participating in this project is absolutely worth it! It has been incredibly fulfilling and I have learned a great deal about the green energy economy!"
Tzu-Chun L., Taiwan, ISU 2023

"ISU 2022 was an amazing experience! I loved sharing classes, trips, and daily activities with students from all over the world. The whole program was so thoroughly organized in such a way that it created the perfect scenario for an interesting academic and cultural exchange. I would do it all over again."
Eliana G., Paraguay, ISU 2022

„ISU 2022 was both incredibly educational and enjoyable. I gained a lot of knowledge and more friends from different countries. The ISU team was very helpful and accommodating. I am grateful for this opportunity and would recommend to everyone to come and experience.“
Sandra T.A., Ghana, ISU 2022

„I really enjoyed my time in Darmstadt. I learned from not only the profs but my peers. I learned more about myself as well, this is something I would do again.“
Christine R., USA, ISU 2018

„A great opportunity to discover the development of Germany in the field of energy and information, as well integration with many of the students from all over the world and learn about their culture.“
Ismahen F., Tunisia, ISU 2018


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